Curriculum in a Box (web-based)

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The "Curriculum in a Box" is a comprehensive package designed to offer Professional Development training for middle and secondary school teachers in the general education classroom. The evidence-based strategies and supports are modeled and discussed in the online video presentations, and offered in detail in the educator guidebooks. The centerpiece is the “Understanding Autism: Professional Development Curriculum" which you can fully access online

Note: The "Understanding Autism: Professional Development Curriculum" presentations are available in a convenient flash drive that is sold separately.


What's in the Curriculum in a Box?

Resource Title



Flash Drive

(sold separately)

  Understanding Autism: Professional Development Curriculum 

  Understanding Autism:  A Guide for Secondary School Teachers

  Life Journey Through Autism: An Educator's Guide to Autism (PDF)

  Life Journey Through Autism: An Educator's Guide to ASD (Level 1 Supports) (PDF)



Training Manual

  Understanding Autism:
  A Guide for Secondary School Teachers (Paperback)



  Life Journey Through Autism:
An Educator's Guide to Autism (Paperback)



  Life Journey Through Autism:
An Educator's Guide to ASD (Level 1 Supports) (Paperback)



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