Smitha's Fundraising Page for 2016 London Marathon
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Smitha's Fundraising Page for 2016 London Marathon
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Ever since I fell in love with running more than 5 years ago, I've wanted to run the London Marathon. I have run 5 marathons since my first step from the couch all those years ago, but London, with its ballot entry, has been elusive until now. I have been offered a chance to run the 2016 London Marathon as part of RUN FOR AUTISM through OAR (Organization for Autism Research).  The London Marathon is the largest annual fundraising event on the planet – runners have raised over £700 million for causes since the race began in 1981.  

Why RUN FOR AUTISM? - I have seen the effects of an Autism Spectrum Disorder in many of my friends' families. including a good friend who's 10year old struggled in his early years but now thrives because of the resources he has today and early childhood intervention. Unfortunately, Autism is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. and it seems like everywhere you go, someone's family is affected by it.

As an endurance athlete with a passion for sharing the spark among others and a desire to make a difference in the world we live in, what better way than to combine the two? 

I have pledged to run the London Marathon on April 24, 2016. It is my goal to raise $5,000 for OAR (Organization for Autism Research). This is where I am asking for your support. 

Please consider a donation to this most wonderful cause. Every little bit helps. 

Working together, we will find the missing pieces of the Autism Puzzle! Visit: to learn more about the wonderful programs your donation is supporting. 

Did you know - 

  • Autism now affects 1 in 68 children 
  • Autism is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.
  • Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average
  • There is no medical detection or cure for autism

Families affected by autism continually have to fight for their children by searching for treatment and resources, educating themselves about this condition and spreading information to teachers, peers and other stakeholders. OAR (Organization for Autism Research)  takes over a piece of this burden for families. 83 cents of every dollar raised funds innovative research to help families find answers to their most urgent questions. 

OAR places much of its focus on research that benefits children and adults, their caregivers and educators.  In 2015, OAR awarded 10 research grants totaling $17,849. With these grants, OAR has awarded over $189,000 in research grants to 105 graduate researchers since 2004.  OAR also helps individuals with autism directly.  Last year, the group awarded 40 scholarships to students with autism pursuing post-secondary education opportunities. OAR is the only autism non-profit that focuses solely on applied research.

ABOUT 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon

Funds raised by the RUN FOR AUTISM--2016 London Marathon team will support the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). OAR funds research and programs that help parents, families, and educators in the autism community on a daily basis.  To learn more, visit

I hope I can count on you to support my marathon run by contributing to OAR!

Name Date Amount Comments
Jayashree Kumar 04/21/2016 $40.00  
Manjula Chakrapani 04/12/2016 $25.00  
Gary Willie 04/12/2016 $20.00 Good luck, don't suck. :-)
Laura Hutchins 04/11/2016 $25.00  
Clotilde Despointes 04/10/2016 $25.00 Smitha, Have a fantastic race and thank you for supporting Autism Research! Let's plan a slow run when you return from this journey!
Julia Stewart 04/08/2016 $50.00 Go crush this marathon! It's been a privilege to help you prepare even if it's only been for a few miles. Thank you for helping me realize I can do this too! #TeamLokiForever
Shawna Block 04/07/2016 $20.00  
Anu Anup 04/07/2016 $100.00  
Pradeep Vittalmurthy 03/24/2016 $25.00 Good luck!!!
Two Teachers TShirts LLC 02/01/2016 $887.00  
Z2 Test 01/27/2016 $.01 Z2 Test
Marietta Hollada 01/26/2016 $100.00  
Teri & Doug Claeson 01/23/2016 $50.00  
Teri & Doug Claeson 01/23/2016 $100.00  
Teri & Doug Claeson 01/23/2016 $50.00  
Barbara Blackford 12/18/2015 $200.00  
Adam Feder 12/14/2015 $50.00  
Angela Nelms 12/13/2015 $265.00 Donations from Keep Collective Fundraiser
Kim Duncan 12/10/2015 $100.00  
Carrie Giordano 12/10/2015 $30.00  
Trey Gruber 12/07/2015 $100.00 Good luck in London!
Patty Holliday 12/01/2015 $25.00 Good Luck! - No Guilt Jams
Andrea Hillman 11/25/2015 $26.20 Good luck on your race. You deserve all the happiness! Love you Smitha
Tiffany Jowers 11/24/2015 $75.00 Good Luck! I only wish I had more to give but you are doing an amazing job!
Laurie Ford 11/22/2015 $100.00 We had a great time - here is my door prize donation.
Anonymous Friend 11/22/2015 $20.00 Proud of you Sunshine!
Patricia Waters 11/21/2015 $15.00 Best of luck to you, Smitha! Know you can do Inspire us all! Your fellow TriGeek, Whitney
Adri Herman 11/21/2015 $20.00 Good luck with your fund raising and have fun in London.
Barry Falcon 11/21/2015 $100.00 Good Luck and finish smiling! Awesome cause.
Miles Bays 11/20/2015 $200.00 Thank you Smitha!!
Hallie Cheek 11/20/2015 $50.00 So proud of you!!!
Stephanie Jacob 11/20/2015 $20.00  
Deepak Raghavan 11/14/2015 $250.00 Good luck, Smitha!
Scott Dorfman 11/14/2015 $250.00  
Ronald Archuleta 11/06/2015 $50.00 Good Luck Smitha and thank you for time and effort for the and for the many children that may benefit from your efforts. Ron & Saundra
Rebecca Holl 11/05/2015 $15.00 Way to make a lot of dreams come true at once!
Joy Sandoz 11/05/2015 $50.00 Go, Smitha, go!
Amie Willis 11/05/2015 $25.00 You're amazing!!
Dawn Burke 11/04/2015 $50.00  
Sharon Howell 10/23/2015 $20.00 Good luck & thanks for helping the families with loved ones on the Autism Spectrum.
Jennifer Ridgley 10/18/2015 $50.00  
Jenna Miller 10/16/2015 $50.00  
Ajit Kahaduwe 10/09/2015 $50.00 Go FauxRunner!
Anonymous Friend 10/09/2015 $100.00 Good Luck!!!
Tracey Ali 10/09/2015 $15.00 car vinyl
Holly Marzetti 10/08/2015 $20.00  
Mike Kahren 10/07/2015 $50.00 Good Luck with your training for London. It was my pleasure to meet you at the pasta dinner the night before Augusta 70.3.
Allen Heaton 10/07/2015 $40.00 Thank you for allowing Kinetix Cycling to help you in advance of your 70.3 Augusta Half Ironman success. I'm happy I can now help you in a running event as you raise money and awareness for autism as you take on another big event with your London Marathon! Go Smitha Go!!!
Mike Luebeck 10/06/2015 $100.00 Good luck!
Mangala Udupa 10/05/2015 $100.00 Good luck Smitha! Hope your run for autism helps many ! Keep running!
Laurie Ford 09/28/2015 $35.00 Thank you for everything that you do. You are amazing. I am so glad that we met. Good Luck in London.
Lajuana Williams 09/25/2015 $20.00 SPARKLE! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FUNDRAISING
Karen Vickers 09/23/2015 $25.00  
Adam Feder 09/22/2015 $50.00 Adam, Karen, Ian, and Bess Feder
Dan & Debbe Myers 09/22/2015 $100.00 our best to you this weekend.... If I hadn't met you at Costco last year we might not be doing's all your fault!! Let's celebrate after...
Adrienne Martini 09/20/2015 $20.00 SPARKLE! And go SMITHA!
Kim Dixson 09/18/2015 $50.00 You go Smitha!!!
Debra Robey 09/17/2015 $35.00 Mind those Gaps! Have a great run for this great cause! Geronimo!
Jennifer Lewis 09/17/2015 $50.00  
Julie Pitts 09/17/2015 $20.00 Good luck!! Have a good time!
Erin Ranes 09/15/2015 $50.00  
Tara Corduan 09/15/2015 $50.00 Thank you for running for this great cause.
Carla Brown 09/14/2015 $25.00 Good luck! And thank you for introducing me to Sparkle Skirts :-)
Tanya Sheehan 09/13/2015 $35.00 Good luck Smitha! From a fellow Sparkle Fan!
Cathy Ordiway 09/11/2015 $35.00 Sparkle on!!!
Jean Wells 09/11/2015 $20.00 Doing this for a "Sparkle" siste
Christina Madison 09/11/2015 $10.00  
Coach Slayer 09/10/2015 $25.00 Good luck Smitha!
Smitha Barki 09/01/2015 $100.00 Registration for the London Marathon
Julie Hoffman 09/01/2015 $25.00  
Amy Peavysmith 09/01/2015 $15.00 Great cause!!
  Total $4,993.21