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Sophia's Birthday Donation Page
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Hello friends and family.

Instead of birthday gifts this year, I am asking that you consider making a donation to Organization for Autism Research (OAR).

As many of you already know, my brother, Nick, has been diagnosed with high-functioning Autism.  Nick is a cool little brother and we have many inside jokes.  When Nick loves something or someone, he loves it/them with all of his heart.  When he wants to learn about something (The Beatles, for example), he tries to learn everything that he can.  We do not look at Nick's Autism as a disability, but rather as something that makes Nick unique.

We are fortunate that Nick is extremely intelligent and communicates very well, but other families are not so lucky.  OAR strives to use science to address the social, educational, and treatment concerns for those with Autism, their families and their caregivers.

Please consider making a donation.



ABOUT Special Occasions
Name Date Amount Comments
Mary Witt 10/08/2017 $50.00  
Dani Rizzo 10/08/2017 $20.00  
Sara Moran 09/25/2017 $20.00 Happy Birthday Sophie!
Michael Chiolo 09/22/2017 $40.00 Happy birthday Sophie I'm happy to support this cause
Barbara Dawson 09/22/2017 $20.00 Happy Birthday Sophie Lange
Dade Prince-Shittu 09/22/2017 $25.00 Happy belated Birthday Sophie! I hope that 14 treats you well.
  Total $175.00