NES Spectrum Marathon 2018
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NES Spectrum Marathon 2018

Welcome to the NES Spectrum Marathon 2018!

What are we doing?

The NES Spectrum Marathon is a new, hopefully annual, charity marathon stream in which we play video games on the NES, that you choose!, for 50+ hours.

Each of us have friends and family who either have autism, or have children who are affected by autism. In doing research for which charity we wanted to raise money for, the Organization for Autism Research seemed to be the most honest and transparent of the autism-related charities. 100% of the money you donate to us will go straight to the OAR organization, and from that money, 87% of it will go directly to the research and services that they provide. All donations, of course, are 100% tax deductible.

Who are we?

Inspired by the NESathon, a similar charity marathon stream that raises money for the MS Society of Canada, we wanted to host a similar event for a cause that affects many people that we love, or their loved ones. The creators of this event are Kevin Hanley, a NES programmer who has released many games for the NES system, and his good friend Kyndal Howard.

When are we doing it?

The 2018 NES Spectrum Marathon will be taking place September 8-10. It will begin on September 8th at 2pm central standard time and run for 50 straight hours. After the 50 hour mark, the marathon will continue to go until the donations stop and we have played all of the games that were donated for.

Where are we doing it?

Over on Twitch! Head over to and tune in! Watch all you want, chat all you want, and more than anything, enjoy yourself! We are doing this because we love retro games and we want to share this love with everyone, while raising money for a great cause that we care greatly for. Come hang out!

Donation rules

$20 - 1 game of your choosing
$35 - 2 games of your choosing
$40 - 3 games of your choosing
$60 - 6 games of your choosing
We fully intend to play the game you donate for as long as we can, giving it a very good attempt. Please know that 1) the length of time that we play a game is inherently dependent on how many games there are in the current queue and 2) There are 776 games in the American NES library (not to mention lots of fan translations, hacks, foreign games, and homebrews) so there is a very good chance that the person(s) playing the game(s) you donated for have never played them! Go easy on us, and if you have hints/tips/tricks you'd like to share, please do! We encourage and appreciate all feedback and interaction!

For every game you donate for, you will be awarded one entry into our prize raffles. When you click on the Donate button, there will be a place for a "Donation Message." It is in this box in which you will type the games you would like us to play. We are using a flash cartridge with all games available on it, so any of the original licensed and unlicensed games will be availalble for your donation request. If you are a developer or game hacker and you have an original creation you would like us to play, this can be arranged as well. Please go into the Twitch channel chat and let it be known that this is something you would like and we can work out the details there.

Prize Raffles

Many prizes have been donated by our generous sponsors, and will be up for grabs for all people who have donated.

Prize Pack #1:

Prize Pack #2:

Prize Pack #3:

Prize Pack #4:

Prize Pack #5:

Prize Pack #6:

Prize Pack #7:

Prize Pack #8:

Prize Pack #9:


Many, many thanks to our generous sponsors.


One can't discuss the NES aftermarket game and hardware scene without mentioning Brian Parker from retroUSB. Many times. Brian almost single-handedly propelled the homebrew scene (at least in a physical form) into existence when he introduced not only new, original PCB boards to put newly created games on, but also created an injection mold to produce new cartridges to house the games on, and in various colors! With the release of Sudoku by Al Bailey back in 2007, the homebrew scene was offically on thet map. The first game released with all new parts, many followed, including Ultimate Frogger Champion and Battle Kid. In addition to creating all new parts for homebrewers to create with, retroUSB also released the PowerPak, a flash device that developers (and consumers alike) could load games onto to play on their actual NES consoles. But Brian had bigger dreams, and followed this creation up with the AVS, a brand new system that allowed gamers to play NES and Famicom games in glorious HD featuring compatibility with all of the original controllers and peripherals that worked on the original systems.


Have you ever wanted to find out more about a homebrew game, but didn't want to spend the time reading a lot of boring text (like you're doing right now)? Well, you're in luck. Peek-a-Brews! is an alcohol-fueled let's play/review YouTube show featuring various homebrews that was created in an attempt to get the word out more about some of the developers and games that we know and love. Past episodes have featured such games as Battle Kid, Lizard, Super Russian Roulette, and many more! Be sure to subscribe and join in as they take a close look at various NES goodies. In interesting ways!

Bite the Chili Productions

A programmer by trade, Nathan Tolbert's passion and love for classic gaming spans many systems. Planting his roots creating homebrew games for the Atari 2600 like his adventure game called Anguna 2600, Nathan quickly moved on to creating some truly unique and fun titles for the NES, including Spacey McRacey and Robo-Ninja Climb. His projects have been featured in numerous nesdev homebrew competitions and he has been interviewed on podcasts like The Assembly Line. As if that isn't enough, Nathan has taken his Aguna series to the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. For more info, please check out his website.

Neodolphino Productions

Justin Orenich lives and breathes NES homebrew. Beta testing for numerous projects by a multitude of different programmers, Justin quickly established himself as a reliable and dedicated tester, suggesting many ideas and changes that would define and shape projects that wouldn't have been nearly as good without his creative input. As the brainchild behind Neodolphino Productions, Justin has released some games that some of us who grew up playing classic computer games would recognize, Minesweeper and Free Cell, both of which he has released on the NES as UXO and Free Cell, respectively.

ABOUT Special Occasions
Name Date Amount Comments
Terrance Neidl 09/08/2019 $100.00 Thanks so much for doing all that you guys do to create awareness and support a noble cause
Amanda HugNKiss 09/09/2018 $1.01  
Sneak N Peek 09/09/2018 $1.00  
Hekl The Mad Wizard G 09/09/2018 $10.00  
Benihana Rocks 09/09/2018 $123.45 Play some flight sims for goodness sakes.
Kevin Madness :) 09/09/2018 $16.00  
Sneeeek Peeeeeek 09/09/2018 $20.00 Sneeeeek Peeeeeek
Richard AKA Vaosu 09/09/2018 $20.00 Crash n' the Boys: Street Challenge
R Nicholson 09/08/2018 $20.00 Stooperzero on NintendoAge. Hows bout Play... "Cobra Triangle"
Guitar Plz 09/08/2018 $10.00  
Charles Kelly 09/08/2018 $60.00 Cheers from the LowT Gaming community. Your stream was shared in our community. Hopefully more of our folks stop by!
Nicholas Ringer 09/08/2018 $35.00 8 bit x mas 2011 4 player and famicom samurai pizza cats if you have it or kid dracula.
Tonya Bamberger 09/08/2018 $10.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/08/2018 $20.00 Play: Lizard Suggested passwords for a short play session (go one screen left from title screen to enter): 45788 - if you want to go surfing 41232 - if you want to face the rabbit
Nioreh . 09/08/2018 $20.00 I can't believe nobody has requested Castlevania yet. So.. Castlevania.
Ap 123 09/08/2018 $20.00  
Ken Yuhas 09/08/2018 $20.00  
Peter Grisafi 09/08/2018 $20.00 Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit
David Patterson 09/08/2018 $10.00 Get Joe and Shana to play some Jackal!
Andrew Sisk 09/08/2018 $60.00 Spook o tron excitebike VS To the earth Krazy Kreatures Splatterhouse Freedom force
Anonymous Friend 09/08/2018 $20.00 Would you play Marble Madness?
Elaine McIntosh 09/08/2018 $20.00 From TheSfid's mom and dad.
Dane Rand 09/08/2018 $35.00 Lone Ranger and Shatterhand
Mike L 09/08/2018 $20.00 I would like an on screen coin flip to decide between Faxanadu and Guerilla Wars.
Kevin Hershberger 09/08/2018 $22.64  
Paul Sergeant 09/08/2018 $40.00  
Neo Dolphino 09/08/2018 $41.00  
Jive Turkey 09/08/2018 $69.00  
Matthew Beppler 09/08/2018 $50.00 Any games.
Anonymous Friend 09/08/2018 $20.00 Sweet Home (english translation)
Carole Yerrick 09/08/2018 $60.00 Big Bird's Hide and Speak (at least "sun" mode), FP I Can Remember, Concentration Room, Double Action Blaster Guys, Mega Mountain, Mermaids of Atlantis
Andrew Kuntz 09/08/2018 $60.00 Maniac Mansion Bionic Commando Mike Tyson’s Punchout Lizard Assimilate Haunted Halloween '86 Love the stream! Keep up the good work -driveshaft108
A Pizzle 09/08/2018 $25.00  
Eric Eichelberger 09/08/2018 $40.00  
Tyler C 09/08/2018 $20.00 Super Bat Puncher (even better, played co-op!). Happy to support this great cause and awesome stream! Cheers - nesmaster14 (NA)
Phil Marlatt 09/08/2018 $20.00 zombie hunter j (ゾンビハンター)
Tim Patterson 09/08/2018 $20.00  
Emma Patterson 09/08/2018 $10.00 Hi Aunt Shana and Uncle Joe!!!
Alex Goulet 09/08/2018 $15.00  
Jon Piornack 09/08/2018 $20.00 play Home Alone, if no one has made you yet
Playas Guide 09/08/2018 $40.00 Super Spike V Ball Don Doko Don 2 Zelda
Anonymous Friend 09/08/2018 $50.00  
Sylvain Gadrat 09/08/2018 $100.00 Have fun - Roger Bidon
David Sanin 09/08/2018 $35.00 game request ARCHON and RYGAR
Andrew Arnette 09/08/2018 $10.00 I’d love to see you guys play contra! Keep up the great work! I hope you reach your goal!!
Jonas McCammon 09/08/2018 $40.00 Jonebone - Thanks for doing this! My 3 choices: Contra, TMNT II and Trog
Tim Wurdinger 09/08/2018 $20.00 Sly Dog Studio Game of choice
Nicholas Ringer 09/07/2018 $35.00 Play Ice Hockey and 20 minutes of dragon warrior, ( I don't expect you to spend 10 hours playing dragon warrior). Dragonwarrior83 from NA.
Knutur Sveinsson 09/07/2018 $35.00 Bucky o’hare and kickle cubicle.
Mega Tank 09/07/2018 $40.00 Super Mario Bros, Robocop, River City Ransom. Thanks for running a cool marathon! Good luck! :)
Everyone Should Visit retroUSB.Com To Buy The AVS . 09/07/2018 $1.00  
Jim Richardson 09/07/2018 $20.00 Please play Mike Tyson's Punch-out!
Hamster Nooooooooo! . 09/07/2018 $10.00  
Damian Yerrick 09/07/2018 $60.00 Nioreh's Flappy Bird Hello Kitty World Thwaite RHDE: Furniture Fight Haunted: Halloween '86 (The Curse of Possum Hollow) Nova the Squirrel
Anonymous Friend 09/07/2018 $10.00 With half a donation do I get to pick half a game? (I would choose anything with the word "Ninja" in title)
Anonymous Friend 09/07/2018 $20.00  
Chris Cacciatore 09/07/2018 $20.00 Jackal please!
GoodDrugs ! 09/07/2018 $7.00  
GetsMe . 09/07/2018 $3.00  
MyKnee . 09/07/2018 $7.00 arrow to the knee
Justin Orenich 09/07/2018 $60.00 I require my usual sacrifice: Tecmo Cup Soccer Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Jackal Oh, and I guess I'll throw in Quest Forge so you can have a bit of Homebrew goodness in there! :D
Michael Chiaramonte 09/07/2018 $80.00 Thanks for doing this Kevin - excited to watch this and it's for a great cause.
Sean Robinson 09/07/2018 $40.00 Have fun in the marathon! My 3 choices: Dick Tracy, Star Tropics, and Maniac Mansion (only requirement here is a reminder to nuke the hamster :P )
Eugene Myers 09/07/2018 $20.00 Thanks for doing this, and good luck! Your mission should you choose to accept it: LEGACY OF THE WIZARD
Carol Hanley 09/07/2018 $100.00  
Johnathan Roatch 09/07/2018 $30.00 Sir Ababol (Light It Up Blue version), Summer Carnival '92: Recca, Blade Buster
Memblers P 09/07/2018 $20.00  
KevinLovesCoffee :) 09/07/2018 $12.34  
Rob Bryant 09/07/2018 $5.00  
Brock Heinz 09/07/2018 $65.02 Love the podcast, it's great that you guys are doing this too! Good luck!
Skadiet Hyatt 09/07/2018 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/07/2018 $20.00 @BacteriaMage: Air Fortress
Nioreh . 09/07/2018 $20.00 You shall play Streemerz! Thanks for the stream
Phil Marlatt 09/07/2018 $20.00 mighty bomb jack
M-Tee Graphics 09/07/2018 $60.00 A few games for the queue: Super Painter (from Retrosouls) Multidude (from Retrosouls) Crypto (from Kabraxis) [Game's 2-player-only] The Cowlitz Gamers' 2nd Adventure (preferably co-op) Gruniozerca 2 rev 1 Nim & Nom (From Krill) (preferably co-op)
Luke Ptaszynski 09/07/2018 $259.00 Only two games I want to see are RC Pro AM and Space Shuttle Project! Thanks for doing this! NA - SwiftFrost
Blast Hardcheese 09/07/2018 $20.00 Play Fester's Quest
Matthew Quackenbush 09/07/2018 $40.00 Thanks for doing this! Very happy to support this cause!
B. A. 09/07/2018 $20.00  
Dave Kolesar 09/06/2018 $20.00 From captmorgandrinker Rollergames! But you have to start as Icebox (the bigger character). After you die, go ahead and use the pink haired chick.
Kevin Hershberger 09/06/2018 $50.00 Great cause and great guys hosting this event!
Alex Goulet 09/01/2018 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 08/30/2018 $2.00 So misunderstood during its lifetime, Sneak n Peek will be memorialized on this day every year with a cart lighting ceremony.
Kevin Hanley 08/25/2018 $1.00 Play anything but Sneak n Peek.
  Total $2,791.46